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27 May 2018
On this seemingly unremarkable day, in the corner of a local library, I decided that I’d write about Singapore. This place that I loath and probably love as much.
The thought of writing about Singapore took root as I read the foreword of Jason ngs book state of mind : Hong Kong in which he describes as a foreign movie by an ex outsider looking in and insider looking out.
I came across this book while searching for a travel guide to Hong Kong, one of my next escape away from Singapore. Funny how this led me to setting the determination to write about Singapore.
Ng starts his book off in Pedder, one of the most iconic locations representative of hedonistic HK. What is the one place that represents Singapore? The one that jumps out in people’s minds when they hear the word?

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Subway ride

When I look at the people on the subway
I wonder where they’re heading
Where they were bringing their individual stories and fleet memory of me sitting right across the train cabin
Their perceptions, their glances, their expressions, their voices
I picture keeping them all in a Tupperware,
Eat ’em all up for lunch
Swallowed, digested and ingrained


What I did in Sokcho, Gangwondo

I just looove coastal areas so I knew I had to visit coastal cities like Sokcho and Gangneung/reung (both in Gangwondo) when I was in Korea. I am especially in love with Sokcho because it’s so compact and relatively easy to cycle around (nowhere can beat Uji/Nara/Kyoto when it comes to cycling convenience though). It’s also still very “untouched” (by tourists) and is more crowded during Korean summer breaks.

Before I visited, I did some research ofc, and had a general idea of what I wanted to do in Sokcho (Jangung Market, Sokcho beaches, lighthouse observatory, Abai village, Seoraksan, Yanggeumjeong Pavillion) but I was also traveling alone so I had a lot of flexibility on my side. I had 2.5 days in Sokcho all to myself 😉

So basically, for all those places that I’ve mentioned above, you can google or read more about them on other blogs lol. I just wanna share those that I did not find on other blogs – aka the off-the-beaten-paths. That being said however, I highly recommend that you visit all those places that I had bolded above as I thoroughly enjoyed visiting all those places and I’ll leave you to find out exactly what there are to see/do/experience in those places because THAT’S THE WHOLE POINT OF TRAVELING.

Off-the-beaten-paths recommendations

Murals (at Cheongho-ro 4-Gil): Don’t ask me how I found this place because I literally found this hidden gem while wandering around after having a hearty meal at Abai village (the “North Korean” village). It’s amazing how it’s not mentioned anywhere on tourist maps or other travel blogs because I had a blast doing self-photoshoots.  Read more about it here. Seriously your inner instagrammer will go crazy here.


Yeongnangho (lake): There are 2 main lakes in Sokcho; Cheongchoho and Yeongnangho. ‘Ho’ means ‘lake’ in Korean btw. Cheongchoho is connected to the port and a bridge with more lights – looks pretty at night but it features a more developed/ city-like lakefront if you get what I mean. Yeongnangho (which is near where I stayed) is less popular but with a park and a few cafes nearby – I prefer it to Cheongchoho for a lazy morning. One end of the lake is also just 5 minutes from the beach!


Accommodation is one of the most important aspects of traveling imo – not that I’m into high-end hotels but I prioritize 4 things: price, aesthetics, convenience and host(s). Which led me to Alice House, which till this date, is still the best place I’ve stayed in Korea. The guesthouse has such a unique and cozy design (they built the place from scratch) and is located perfectly between a lake (lovely place to cycle) and a beach. They also provide free bicycles for guests to explore the town. And the HOSTS. Omg. Alice and Sam are such kind and amicable people they brought me to a nearby hill to hike and we had Gangwondo-special cold noodles after, prepared comforting and delicious breakfast and awesome coffee (brewed by Alice) every morning… Did I also mention that they own a cute Labrador dog? Couldn’t ask for anything better than this. I really wanted to stay there for a much longer time but too bad, had my return flight booked 😦  Their guesthouse is great for all travelers – from solos to big groups. IT’S BASICALLY A TOURIST ATTRACTION ITSELF LOL.


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Fidgeting with Freedom

“What is freedom?” A friend casually posed this question to me some time back in November. I quickly jotted down some notes on my train ride home that day but didn’t have time to sit down and pen things out properly until now.

It occurred to me that the attempt to define freedom was in itself, rather ironic. We are after all, limited by words, visuals, or whatever means we choose to express our ideas with. And I guess one could say that attempting to define/ set a notion of freedom, is in itself, a violation of freedom.  Continue reading