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Fidgeting with Freedom

“What is freedom?” A friend casually posed this question to me some time back in November. I quickly jotted down some notes on my train ride home that day but didn’t have time to sit down and pen things out properly until now.

It occurred to me that the attempt to define freedom was in itself, rather ironic. We are after all, limited by words, visuals, or whatever means we choose to express our ideas with. And I guess one could say that attempting to define/ set a notion of freedom, is in itself, a violation of freedom.  Continue reading


Been preoccupied with school which basically puts my creativity to a halt. Or maybe it’s just me making excuses again. Same difference.

“To watch the sun sink behind a flower clad hill. To wander on in a huge forest without thought of return. To stand upon the shore and gaze after a boat that disappears behind distant islands. To contemplate the flight of wild geese seen and lost among the clouds…” – Zeami Motokiyo

Came across this lovely and evocative quote that describes the concept of ‘yuugen’ or 幽玄 in Japanese – to have a profound awareness of the universe. To be conscious of living, I guess. It’s easy to lose sense of living sometimes, even though I’m breathing and thinking. I haven’t been the best (for lack of a better word) version of me these days… Whatever happened to the days when I was proud of who I am? All I can do now is to stop whining and keep going. I have a feeling that this phase of my life is going to make a big difference to the rest of my life; can’t let the days drift by again when there’s so much to experience in this short but long life I own.